What is a Personalized Book

Goodnight Little Me Storybook
“Awesome book, vivid pictures. I love the fact that my son’s name is in almost every page.”

A personalized book is a book that is created specifically for someone, containing personalized text, customized illustrations, or variables, based on the characteristics of that person. Personalized books have long been popular gifts for children, where adults feel they are giving something unique to the child. With technology advances personalized books can be customized, ordered, printed and shipped within weeks. Although most personalized book companies provide hard copy physical books only, there are a few companies who also offer some or all of their titles in downloadable soft copy.

Another, more complex type of personalization incorporates photos. A user-submitted photo of the “star” is uploaded and inserted into the illustrations of the book.

Personalized books also promote reading, education, and literacy to children. Presenting children with a book about themselves will grab their attention and encourage them to read more often. This style of book can further boost self-confidence in children who read stories about their own courageous adventures.